Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here it is!

The first product by me. You can find it at My Shop. (Oooh new age technology!!!) I redrew the Seattle design, and decided to move from cafepress to Spreadhsirt. Cafepress is very simple, but when it comes to handling the designs, you simply don't have as much freedom. Spreadshirt on the other hand has a very well maintained site, easy to use shop set-ups, and better design usage. In fact, the design would have to be half the size it is now if it were on cafepress.
It was a good decision.

So today I set up my online shop at Spreadshirt.com. I need to work on more shirt designs, but I've got an all around great start. I'm considering upgrading my store account, but we'll leave that for the future.

On another note, my birthday was on Sunday. T'was good. Got a new art program, (shirt-shop being the result of), a couple great books uncliding the 5th Volume of the Flight Comics, which always rule, and Devil's Rose, by Brom. One Hell of an artist and a great story teller to boot. (what's "to boot" mean anyway?) I also gorged myself on tacos and delicious lemon cupcakes. Out of the two dozen that were made, there is only one left. What happened?! Kalsey...

Lack of baked goods aside, it was an awesome birthday. I'm really looking forward to these next couple weeks. From all my friends home for break, to Christmas, a family trip with my Dad and Step-mom to Florida (Oh yes, Florida), and then back in time for the New Year. It will be good.

Until next time!

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