Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm here again. Some strange place where I sit and maul over my thoughts, wondering if things are good or bad. See, here's a thing.
My life plan right now is to earn a sufficient amount of money to head out to California, so that I can attend Watts Atelier. It's a fantastic art workshop, and I'm sure the learning I would take on there would be more than amazing. So far my plans on getting there include becoming a supervisor at UPS, which I'm very close to accomplishing. That would get me a good part time income, very good actually. From there I know I can get just about any other job I'd want, simply for having it on my resume. However, I don't really have any intentions of having more than one job at a time. Only to evolve in my workplace, and perhaps to a greater single job elsewhere. Meanwhile, I'm trying to make money on the side, with any art I can "sell". Opening a shop on cafepress seems to be a very promising idea. Anything else would be great too. Murals, airbrushing, etc. I'm prety confident it'll go well, but I'm having a hard time starting. Why?
I don't really know, I guess I just lose focus all the time. I don't know why. Distractions, laziness, exhaustion from distractions.. those are the real barriers. Its not like I don't want to be more active, I just convince myself its challenging and confusing, and slowly concede. So I get angry about it. Which is dumb.
I'm not an angry person. I like to get things done, its a great feeling when you step back and look at finished work. Even if its a pile of clean laundry. But I feel like I always need to refresh. Clean up, take a shower, relax for a few hours so I can start again. And I can't figure out why.
So far a few things I think might help include a new release. I think I'd really like to learn how to play an instrument right now. Even something simple, like a harmonica would be great. A guitar or even a saxophone would be fantastic. But something. Something new.
I'd also like to get a hold of my mom's camera. It'd be nice to take some shots and see what I can do with them.
Looking around, I love my new studio and bedroom. Its a really comfortable environment.

Some good news;
The house and all of its renovations are coming along well. I ordered a limited edition of Steve Wilson's Insurgentes CD. I'm extremely excited for that. Should be getting it around late November in the mail. If you don't know who Steve Wilson is, I encourage you to look him up. He's one of my few heroes, and he's one brilliant musician. Look for Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, or No Man if you want a band name. (He has many projects.)
My way to becoming a supervisor is almost over. Its a timely process, and it doesn't help my bosses are generally lazy. I have to schedule for an interview, and if that goes well I've got the job!
I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have some more artwork up some time soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Numbah 2

I don't really know how I feel about this one. I mean, it looks cool... and it's kinda neat. But it sorta screams "I'm super indie and dramatic about being cool" or something. Which stinks about the common public these days because I'd eventually like to exceed regular expectations and have a new personal style. Eventually... but for now this is why I've got! (Or maybe it screams "HEY! Ever get that really catchy Grease song stuck in your head? You know the one, "She's the one that I want, hoo hoo hoo!" yeah, you know. We can relate, buy this shirt now!!)

So! I decided, instead of going through the painstaking agony of trying to airbrush this stuff, I'll just start a shop on! I'll open it up once I have at least 10 designs or so. At this pace I should be done in 2 weeks or so. Then you can all buy my shirts and be my billboard zombies. This whole idea is still way new to me, and I had no idea cafepress existed, and a site could be so cool. They print your designs and you get a percentage of the money made through the shirt. You can even up the price so you get a larger chunk. It's cool crap. Maybe if you want to have your own personal clothing line, you should check it out! (

That is all.

Monday, October 6, 2008


A shirt design I wanted to perfect on the pad first before going in with an airbrush. Think I'm gonna need some frisket with this one.. lots of sharp edges and all that. Some acrylic strips too I'm sure. Cool yeah? That city there is Seattle. One I haven't been to yet! (Not that I've been to many others.)

I had a frickin' awesome past week. Took my supe test at work, which I totally aced. (I think. Find out at work this week.) Had a great weekend with my friends up at Pitt, and made some of my own. Going to a party with older member's of my friend's family was hysterical.
I'm a huge fan of this weather. Cool, gray, sometimes the air stings your throat. And in a couple weeks, you'll be able to smell the snow even before it falls. Oh man. Hot chocolate. Eggnog. Awesome. But first Halloween! Dunno what I'm being. Figure that out later. Welp, I'm gonna go now. Peace/out bean sprouts.