Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Semester Unload

These are all of my works from the first semester of my college schooling. I'm really pleased with most of'em, and can see some decent improvement over time. I'll post them in chronological order so you can get a better sense of that.
We first started with perspective, which was good. I got a good grip on it fast, but could probably use more practice. (I'll get around to that once it gets warm out. No way am I sitting outside in the cold just to draw buildings.)Yeah, the lines are kind of curvered.. But all in all its not bad. I think each one's about 2.5 hours each. (I know, a long while for some simple lines, right?)

Then we did some other practices involving tonal mark-making, (No lines, and in this case sideways), and some negative space work. It turns out its really hard to make a negative space drawing turn out decent since it becomes quite hard to proportion stuff. But it was still fun. Skeletons always look cool.

We ended up doing some still-lifes as well, which are kinda fun, but only for so long. I really like the way the deer turned out. Even though he looks like a chihuahua-giraffe. 4.5 hours on both I think. More like 6 on the piggy bank now that I think of it..

One of my favorite things to draw turns out to be trees, which are extremely fun. The large lonely one was an in-class, while the other was a homework assignment I didn't really put enough time into.

Lastly come my figure drawings I did for a few special sessions the school hosted in the evenings. I couldn't make all of them due to work, but they were enjoyable while I went. I really enjoy figure drawing, and am really glad my Drawing Class this sem. is being taught primarily as one.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Week 1, Fin

I droned through my anthro class in the morning, and drew these dudes not long after lunch. Takin' my portfolio from last semester home today, so hopefully I can get those up. Tomorrow's the whol Art Addicts thing, so I really hope that goes well. Anyway. Get ready for some heavy updating in the near future!
As for the image, the whole black/white lines style is something I picked up from guys such as Skottie Young, you can find him in the link list. He's got some sick stuff, and seems to be a pretty cool dude. (I obviously don't know him, but he makes cool posts so that's good enough yeah?)
It's a real fun technique to work with, and I certainly suggest it. You don't have to pick a brown/orange background, but its a lovely color to work from so I like it. Like parchment or something.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

So I just started my second semester at Cal, and things are going pretty good. I have a feeling this one will go a lot smoother, more focus involved. I just received my portfolio from last semester that contained my Drawing 1 projects, so when I stop by home this weekend, I'ma take photos of them (They're far too big to scan), and post'em when I can. As for other sketches and whutnot, I'll head down to the multi-media center and hit that up. (Given I sketch a lot more often that is!)
Which brings me to another topic. During my Adv. Drawing class yesterday, I brought it up with my professor that I want to start a weekend event for people who are obsessed with art as I am. I told her I needed a place to set up, and she offered the art hall. I said that sounded great, and she announced to the class I was starting this Saturday that there would be a meeting for everyone to gather and art it up together. Abrupt! So I just played it as it went and decided then it was a now-or-never kind of moment, and invited everyone up. I ended up spreading the word to quite a few reliable art students, and I think I might have something goin' here. I hope.
Until something happens with that, or I can find some time to work on some personal projects I have planned, Adv. Drawing assignments, or more, I'm gonna try and post some weeklies like these fellows when I can. Any practice is good practice, yeah?