Thursday, January 17, 2008

So I just started my second semester at Cal, and things are going pretty good. I have a feeling this one will go a lot smoother, more focus involved. I just received my portfolio from last semester that contained my Drawing 1 projects, so when I stop by home this weekend, I'ma take photos of them (They're far too big to scan), and post'em when I can. As for other sketches and whutnot, I'll head down to the multi-media center and hit that up. (Given I sketch a lot more often that is!)
Which brings me to another topic. During my Adv. Drawing class yesterday, I brought it up with my professor that I want to start a weekend event for people who are obsessed with art as I am. I told her I needed a place to set up, and she offered the art hall. I said that sounded great, and she announced to the class I was starting this Saturday that there would be a meeting for everyone to gather and art it up together. Abrupt! So I just played it as it went and decided then it was a now-or-never kind of moment, and invited everyone up. I ended up spreading the word to quite a few reliable art students, and I think I might have something goin' here. I hope.
Until something happens with that, or I can find some time to work on some personal projects I have planned, Adv. Drawing assignments, or more, I'm gonna try and post some weeklies like these fellows when I can. Any practice is good practice, yeah?

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