Friday, January 18, 2008

Week 1, Fin

I droned through my anthro class in the morning, and drew these dudes not long after lunch. Takin' my portfolio from last semester home today, so hopefully I can get those up. Tomorrow's the whol Art Addicts thing, so I really hope that goes well. Anyway. Get ready for some heavy updating in the near future!
As for the image, the whole black/white lines style is something I picked up from guys such as Skottie Young, you can find him in the link list. He's got some sick stuff, and seems to be a pretty cool dude. (I obviously don't know him, but he makes cool posts so that's good enough yeah?)
It's a real fun technique to work with, and I certainly suggest it. You don't have to pick a brown/orange background, but its a lovely color to work from so I like it. Like parchment or something.

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