Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Numbah 2

I don't really know how I feel about this one. I mean, it looks cool... and it's kinda neat. But it sorta screams "I'm super indie and dramatic about being cool" or something. Which stinks about the common public these days because I'd eventually like to exceed regular expectations and have a new personal style. Eventually... but for now this is why I've got! (Or maybe it screams "HEY! Ever get that really catchy Grease song stuck in your head? You know the one, "She's the one that I want, hoo hoo hoo!" yeah, you know. We can relate, buy this shirt now!!)

So! I decided, instead of going through the painstaking agony of trying to airbrush this stuff, I'll just start a shop on! I'll open it up once I have at least 10 designs or so. At this pace I should be done in 2 weeks or so. Then you can all buy my shirts and be my billboard zombies. This whole idea is still way new to me, and I had no idea cafepress existed, and a site could be so cool. They print your designs and you get a percentage of the money made through the shirt. You can even up the price so you get a larger chunk. It's cool crap. Maybe if you want to have your own personal clothing line, you should check it out! (

That is all.

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