Sunday, June 1, 2008


So, of the many things I learned this spring semester.. one of them is I can't juggle very well. Things got hectic for a while, and I let myself get distracted with them. I ended up taking a big hit in the grades, and let some people down, myself included. So.. the plan is to never, ever, do that again. Right now I'm doing all I can both at home and at work to get things rolling. What do I mean? Wellllll!
I painted a couple murals for my much younger cousins, and wish to see where that will take me now. I don't have pictures of the train I did, but here are a few dinos.

I'd personally be scared as a 5 year old to have something this big looking at me all the time.
And I know this guy has a nice big sheen on him, and his butt's doin' the swing pretty sharp around that corner from this angle, but I think he looks pretty good. Still, as a 5 year old, would probably cry. I'd spend every night convincing myself they looked friendly, instead of having cruel intentions, like that one creepy stuffed animal you may have had as a child. For me, it was Pooh's large, black, unreadable glossy eyes.
I'm all around very happy with the way these both turned out, and it was freakin' fun too. Not to mention, I got paid, a new airbrush, and some good experience out of it. I really look forward to doing this everywhere.
(If anyone's wondering, I used spray paint, airbrushed the details, and finished off by taking the wall paint on the over spray for sharp edges.)
So, that's how out of work is going. Work, trying to get a promotion, and plan on putting in a resume for supervisor. That's right. A fancy shirt job.
Right now, I am using my friend's digital art pad, and plan on getting as much out of it as I can. So hopefully there will be numerous updates!
Until then, jive on.

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